A big, bright and colourful welcome to Cosy Romantics……………….
And that is exactly what our lighting products are! Whether you want to cosy-up your living space or garden, or romanticise your bedroom, we think we have just what you are looking for. All of the lighting products sold on this web site are rather unique. You are very unlikely to see them for sale on the high streets in the UK! Everything is of the highest quality, all are handmade, and all are very beautiful.

This is your opportunity to own something that will enhance the lighting in your home, garden, or wherever you choose - and no-one you know is likely to have anything like it - until they see yours!

We know all of our products are reasonably priced - our overheads are minimal and we pass this benefit and saving on to you, the customer. We are a young, fresh and vibrant business, and we hope this reflects in the beautiful items you will find on the following pages. Let us illuminate your life!

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Leaf Lights
Made to look like beautiful climbing plants, hang or drape these anywhere to create a sensual and warm atmosphere. Available in lengths of either 35 or 100 individual leaf bunches. Pretty little clear bulbs light them up giving a warm and romantic coloured subtle glow wherever you decide to hang them.

Rose Flower Lights
Enchanting magical - these exquisite rose flower lights are perfect for cosy evenings indoors. Available in lengths of either 35 or 100 individual rosebuds with delicate leaves surrounding them.

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Pretty little clear bulbs light them up giving a warm and romantic coloured subtle glow wherever you decide to hang them.

Globe Lights
Made from delicate woven silk, but sturdy too, these unusual globe shaped party lights look fabulous wherever they go. Easy assembly, with pretty little clear bulbs that are just popped inside. Available in lengths of either 35 or 100, mixed or single colour sets. Excellent value for your party, wedding, or any occasion needing a radical lighting makeover!

Rosebud Lights
Smaller but more refined than my other popular sellers - Rose Flower Lights - these are exquisitely hand made to resemble beautiful spring rosebuds....

Silkworm Cocoon Lights
Exotic, silky cocoons of glowing light. Silk spun by silk worms is gathered and these marvels are then woven by hand, resulting in charming gems of lights. Strengthened with a fine covered wire.
Totally unique, versatile and new to us. Magnificent in any setting - great for parties, gardens and home decor.

Eastern Lanterns
Eastern style occasional lighting - tasteful and different! Beautiful lanterns, come in kit form - simple to assemble. The frame is ultra light balsa wood and the shade is uniquely designed and made from strips of bamboo. Bulb included. Everyone has a corner in their home which needs subtle low lighting - this is the lantern that will do it!

Fairy Light Drapes
Stunning and unique silky drapes, in a variety of lovely colour combinations. Luxurious lengths of silky fabric with tiny clear bulbs popped into the material. Curtains or screens or wall hangings that will transform a room in seconds. Available as singles or a pair.

Pick n Mix Globe Lighting.
Exclusive to Cosy Romantics!
A brand new lighting experience!
You can now choose your very own combination of Globe Lights to compliment your surroundings

Rattan Basket Lights
Imaginative and delightful mini-version of a traditional Thai peasant's food or lunch container. The originals of these are still used by workers on the land and in the countryside!

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